What is the A.P.P?

We see loyalty not as a marketing tool to entice you to use us, but more of a reciprocal business initiative. Home staging is highly transactional and if you are supporting us with repeat business, then we should pass on some of the benefit we get from repeat business, back to benefit you as well. That is our intent.


What does it offer?

We want to offer more to agents that repeat business with us. So, for every five full stages you do with us, the 6th one carries a 50% discount. Then do another 10 and the 11th is free. After that, every 11 stage with us is free, for you to offer to a vendor that perhaps “isn't convinced”, or, take the value of the free stage and apply it as a discount across the next 10 stages (effectively an ongoing 10% discount).

Secondly, to really help you win that listing and convince the vendor to stage - under this programme we will change the payment terms. Those terms mean that payment is made when the house sells from the deposit paid by the purchaser to you as the agency. This feature kicks in at the 6th stage with us.

As we get busier particularly in the summer months there can be a demand on timing to get stagings done in the timeframe you want. Agents in the loyalty programme will get priority every time, as part of our thanks to your commitment to us.



How to sign up:

Please send us an email letting us know you want to be apart of the Agent Partner Programme. Once we have got you into the system, we will send a confirmation email/txt. Alternatively you can download our Foxx & Filly App and create a login. From there you can join the A.P.P which will allow you to book jobs and keep track of your rewards.